"World Travellers" Cocktail Napkin

"World Travellers" Cocktail Napkin


"The  World Travellers" pack of cocktail napkins is so fun and sassy! This pattern is designed by renowned artist Vicki Sawyer who asks "...if birds can build nests, then they can make hats too!


These jet-setting birds include (from clockwise top left to right)  a Gouldian Finch (Australia), Splendid Blue Fairy Wren (Australia), Keel-Billed Toucan (Mexico), i'iwi (Hawaii), Blue-Cheeked Bee Eater (North Africa/The Middle East), Bullfinch (Europe/Temperate Asia).


"5" x 5" cocktail napkin

20 napkins/package with resealable opening

Soft, 3-ply paper, naturally bleached, without chlorine

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