Spring 2021

Happy Spring! I hope everyone is hanging in there with all the past year long craziness. I feel very hopeful with the vaccine roll-out, and can see a light at the end of the tunnel! YAY! Yes, there has certainly been a lot of devastation both personally and professionally, but there has also been “Extraordinary Blessings” that we have all learned throughout this past year.

Let’s all agree to place those negatives in our rearview mirror and… Choose Joy, Be Positive & Kind, Help Out Where You Can, Smile, and BUY SOME FUN GIFTS FROM SILVER LININGS!!!



‘Tis the season to celebrate our graduates! Get those orders in quickly, especially if you want monogramming (allow 5-7 days). Know where your student is graduating from and what school they are attending. I like to wrap the gift in their school colors. And, I keep a gift registry to insure they don’t get the same gift twice! I will go over thread color & any other details when I call to confirm your order.



Remember your “Mama Bear” with something “uniquely her!” Don’t wait to the last minute to honor someone that has been there for the “RIDE” all of your life!



We have been entertaining our family and small “bubble group” of friends at home over the last year. Let’s show our friends at soon-to-be gatherings just what we have learned! Charcuterie is one of the hottest trends, and we have some fab pieces to help you show off your new talents!


The whites, grays, & tans have the votes across the board in both home décor & apparel!


It’s never too early to stock up your gift closet again for the coming year of numerous postponed celebrations! I hope each of you will enjoy making your gift selections on my new website. I will follow up with you within 24 hours after you place your order to confirm pickup times (NO SHIPPING REQUESTS, PLEASE…I am one person and will take the orders as they are received and fulfill them). There are limited quantities on many items due to an incredible amount of shipping challenges this year. SO, GET THOSE ORDERS IN! As always, all your gifts will be WRAPPED FOR FREE!


In closing, thank you for continuing to support my small business. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you and any of your friends you choose to share this with!



 Lisa Long