2020 Silver Linings Holiday Website Launch!

Well, it's the 2020 Holiday Season and we are going to have to keep our Pandemic Positivity hat on for a little longer by trying to power through yet another "New Normal" ...experiencing the Holidays this year with our Covid-19 glasses on! I am so sad that all of my shows were canceled, & I will certainly miss connecting with each of you on a personal level, but that has propelled this old dinosaur to finally move into the 21st century with a new website ... that is my new "Silver Lining!" We are still working out some of the kinks, so I will be up front and ask for your Kindess & Grace in doing this new venture (and, would welcome any and all feedback.) Just know I want to deliver the exceptional customer service you have come to expect on quality and unique gifts ...And, As Always... WRAPPED FREE of charge to you and ready to give!

I hope each of you will enjoy making your selections by placing your order through my new site. I will follow up with each person after I recive their order to make sure to confirm your pickup time (no shipping requests, please). Please remember that I am one person, and will take the orders as they come and fulfill them. There are limited quantities on many items due to lots of shipping challenges this year... so start that shopping and cross it off your list!

I pray and wish for each of your families a Grateful & Joyous Holiday Season. Remember to Spread Love & Joy, Not Germs... and wear your cute Christmas mask!

Lastly, I love this quote:

"Kindness & Love Can be Highly Contagious. Try One of Both this Holiday Season."

Thank you for supporting my small business. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and any of your friends you choose to share this with!

Thanks & Happy Shopping!

Lisa Long

Thank you for shopping with Silver Linings!