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"Luxury " Crystal Whiskey Set

"Luxury " Crystal Whiskey Set


The "Ultimate Statement" Whiskey Set for the Passionate Whiskey Connoisseur. All of the items listed below are packaged in an American dark walnut case. WOW!



1-"Mt. Everest" Crystal Decanter

1-"Mt.Denali" 10 oz Whiskey Glass 

1-"Mount Blanc" 10 oz Whiskey Glass

1-"K2" 10 oz Whiskey Glass

1-"Mt. Fugi" 10 oz Whiskey Glass

1-"Mt. Everest" 10 oz Whiskey glass

1-"Grand Canyon" 10 oz Whiskey glass

1- Premium Leather Rimmed Glass Tray

6 pcs. Leather Coasters


* All whiskey glasses are etched with the specific mountain top name and coordinates on each glass. 





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