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"The Peaks" Whiskey Decanter & 4 Glasses

"The Peaks" Whiskey Decanter & 4 Glasses


Absolutely stunning gift for the Whiskey Enthusiast! Next Level Entertaining!



1-"Mt. Everest" 33 oz Crystal Decanter

1-"Mt.Denali" 10 oz Whiskey Glass

1-"Mount Blanc" 10 oz Whiskey Glass

1-"K2" 10 oz Whiskey Glass

1-"Mt. Fugi" 10 oz Whiskey Glass

*All whiskey glasses are etched with the specific mountain top name and coordinates on each glass.


Majestic summit, towering Himalayan peak, no aerators or stones needed. Freeze to chill, swirl for aeration. X1 crystalline chill charge, 18-second whiskey chill. Very conversational!


  • Product dimension - 3.4" L x 3.4" W x 3.2" H
  • Decanter Dimensions - 4.7" L x 4.7" W x 9.3" H

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