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"The Peaks Mountains" St/4 Crystal Gift Set

"The Peaks Mountains" St/4 Crystal Gift Set


These are such a SPECIAL GIFT for the discerning Whiskey Connoisseur! This set/4 lead- free crystal whiskey glasses are the scale replica of four different iconic mountain designs: 

Mont Blanc, Fuji, K2, and Denali. Each glass is etched with the name and coordinates of the individual mountain.


These glasses chill and aerate bourbon, scotch, cocktails, tequila, and vodka as you swirl the drinking glass.



There is a Proprietary chill charge system made from one pound of patented X1 Crystalline, and it chills in just 18 seconds. No need for whiskey stones or ice cubes watering down your drink. Store freezable whiskey glasses in the freezer, pour and enjoy the perfect sip; Beautifully crafted, and each glass is wrapped in Liiton signature monogrammed paper. Dishwasher safe.  


 Attention to detail!

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